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J Exerc Rehabil > Volume 17(4);2021 > Article
Jee: Search for new norms in research
Throughout the history, many unexpected and uncontrollable events have altered the course of the history. Some of the major events could be man-made or nature related such as war or contagion. We have unexpectantly faced a disastrous event that has been altering many aspects of our lives.
Some of the unexpected events have been known to alter the direction of research goals. The new norm for the scientific research goals may not all be expected. However, some of the recently expected research directions could be anticipated. Expeditious technological advances have sought position in various fields of health care in recent years. Incorporation of artificial intelligence and internet of things along with telemedicine and big data analysis have been among the majorly expected directions of for the future research.
However, the immunology-related researches have also recently been rapidly emerged as top interest by the research community due to the seriousness of defense against foreign matters. In addition, the word ‘untact’ became an everyday word in recent days and the exponential need of the health professionals during the ongoing outbreaks to apply special purpose of virtual care and remote medicine. Will rehabilitation need alternative norm or ‘untact’ norm? ‘Untact’ rehabilitation may seem strange at this point, however, rehabilitation is an ongoing process for many patients. ‘Untact’ rehabilitation may not be a neglectable option in years to come and become norm to provide alternative rehabilitation methods. There would be other unexpected needs that acquire special focus and interests due to various bursts.
The goal of research is to find more effective and efficient means to assist the clinical needs. It is a pioneering task which involves finding of what could be improved currently and needed in the future. Preparing for the unexpected future may seem to like wizardry. However, there are bits and pieces of puzzles to identify and to delineate pertinent research path to prepare for the unexpected future. Researchers may not be prophets to forecast into the unexpected turns, however, clairvoyancy based observation of bits and pieces of events that forecast escalation to grave crisis may be possible.
Although humans may have a little control over natural crisis, many experts say that key indicators of an impending change can be observed with close observation. The new norm in the area of rehabilitation in relations to every changing course of events can be achieved by carefully identifying what seems to be trivial and indicators.



No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

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