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J Exerc Rehabil > Volume 12(6);2016 > Article
Jee: Leading finale in the field of exercise science
Diverse views, opinions, and perspectives provide strengthened voice on a specific topic. Opinions of one-sided group of people may lead to a narrow perspectives and blinded views. Opinion sharing and debating provide comprehensive opinions and enlightened perspectives. Evidences derived from diversely tested and debated discussions can provide more factual and up-to-date scientific information. Universally credible intelligence originates from collective verification from diverse views of critical minds.
Providing a platform for debates and discussions for scholars with different backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions has been one of the critical missions for the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation (JER) for optimally derived scientifically results to the critical thinkers. With highly critical peer review procedures and standards to filter and exclude unscientifically derived conclusions and discussions, scientific minds with interests and experiences have been providing different perspectives for unbiased and globally tested information in the field of exercise rehabilitation.
JER has been inviting critical minds from all over the world to collect different perspectives for critical debates for years. To acquire global perspectives, JER has invited editors from eleven different countries including Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Germany, USA, Japan, China, Cameroon, India, Israel, and Korea in recent years. Moreover, JER’s diversifying efforts can readily be seen through the papers submitted and reviewed by the journal, especially in recent years. Scholars from more than 18 different countries have contributed evidence-based scientific perspectives to strengthen scientific perspectives just in the year 2016. Scholars from all continents of the world including North America, South American, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania have contributed incomparably to fortify scientific claims. Such diverse contributions to support scientific perspectives have been increasing with the efforts of JER and supports from the scholars from all over the world.
The organizers of JER successfully worked together to provide a global platform and welcome scholars with diverse perspectives in the year 2016. Diversifying efforts in recent years have only been the beginning of a new global era for JER. In the upcoming year, JER will stand tall on the platform composed of evidence-based experiences and supports provided by global scholars to stand in line with globally renowned information providers. The year 2016 has been a year for JER to join the globally renowned leaders in the scientific community in the field of exercise science. JER will celebrate such success with a determination for more rigorous and meticulous standards and guidelines for the organizers of JER to provide better platform and opportunities for the scholars with critical perspectives.



No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

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